Membership of AMEFAN is open to both individuals and corporate organizations. Affiliate organisations are also welcomed to collaborate with us.

Intending members who meet AMEFAN’s membership requirement can fill and submit the application form on this website. Further to the approval of the application into AMEFAN, individuals and member companies may be enlisted on the website for promotion of their products and services on the AMEFAN Directory

Our membership covers the following cadres:

Corporate Member
Any Person or corporate body engaged in the Fabrication of any Agricultural or Agro-Allied Machinery Equipment or part thereof.

Associate Member
NGOs, Government Agencies, Relevant Government Parastatals, Donor Agencies (Local and Foreign) and Well- Wishers of the Association.

Honorary Member
Individuals, Instituitions, or Corporate Bodies deemed to be of high standing and repute who have made outstanding contributions to the association.

Partner Organisations

  • Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO),
  • National Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation (NCAM)
  • International Institute of Tropical Agriculture( IITA)



AMEFAN members and their affiliates produce agricultural machinery, equipment devices and systems for land preparation, tillage, planting, harvesting and processing of various food, feed and fibre for use by farmers, processors and industrialists.

Our range of equipment covers the entire spectrum of agricultural mechanisation and agro industrial value chains.

  1. On farm equipment (land preparation, planting and harvesting) engage implementation of farming activities and irrigation equipment.
  2. Process machineries for storage of agricultural Materials.
  3. Process machineries for processing of agricultural materials from field to shelf.
  4. Process machineries for animal feed and livestock industry.
  5. Process machineries for utilization of various biomaterials (food , feed and fibre)

Included in the range of agricultural machinery and equipment which can be sourced from AMEFAN members are the following:

Planters, Harvesters, Irrigation Equipment, Dryers, Roots and Tubers (Cassava, yam, ginger, cocoyam, potatoes, etc.) Processing Machineries, Oil, Seeds and nuts (groundnuts, soybeans, shea nuts, palm fruits,etc.)  Processing Machineries, Cereals and Grains (sorghum, millet, rice, etc.) Processing, Fruits and Vegetables (onions, mangoes, oranges, pineapples, citrus, sugar canes, etc.) Processing Machineries, Tree Crops (cocoa, kolanut, coffee, cashew, etc) Processing, Livestock and Other animals (fish, cattle, poultry, etc.) Processing Machineries: Feed Mill Plant, Poultry Meat Processing Machineries, etc, Non- Food bio-materials and Processing Machineries.