About Us

AMEFAN is an umbrella body for Nigerian Fabricators involved in the development and commercial manufacture of machineries to service the entire agricultural value chain (i.e. from production to utilization).It was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on 30th July, 2008.

Our members produce equipment for aiding the productionand management of crops and livestock;and machineries, facilities and systems for cottage-level, medium and large scale processing of food, feed, and fibre.


AMEFAN’s membership expertize can service and support individuals, groups, and corporate organizations involved in small , medium, and large scale activities in many subsectors of  agro-industries, including the following:

  1. Roots and Tubers production and processing (i.e. cassava, yams, ginger, etc.)
  2. Cereals and Grains production and processing (e.g. rice, sorghum, millet, maize, etc)
  • Oil seeds and Nuts Production and Processing (e.g. groundnuts, palm fruit, palm kernel, sheanuts, etc)
  1. Fruits and vegetables production and processing (e.g. citrus, mangoes, pineapples, onions, plantain, etc.)

The aim of the organization is to

  • To promote production and manufacturing of agricultural equipment to standards and specifications by members.
  • Solicit, advocate, and lobby for the promotion and improvement of indigenous technology in the Agriculture and Agro-Allied industries.
  • Co-ordinate activities of members for the purpose of technological development and improvement for the benefit of customers.
  • Foster closer relationship with all relevant national and international agencies and organizations for the purpose of technological advancement, indigenous technology improvement, technology adaptation and transfer in the agriculture and agro-allied industries.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive data bank for members
  • Pool resources together for investment, exploration and exploitation of opportunities for the purpose of economic and technological strengthening of members and the association.


Download AMEFAN’s constitution here.

Download 2016 National General Meeting here.